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E Learning And Multimedia

Alpha Analytics has developed Alpha-Learning framework to enable an organizations/institutes with remote learning facility using internet enabled devices like desktop/laptop/netbook and even mobile phone.
The framework contains following module :
Proprietary player to safeguard your contents.
XML based delivery mechanism.
Multimedia contents design and development.
On-line test, reports and tracking.
Business application based on e Learning sessions.
Our team of expertise helps in story building deciding the custom solutions for different needs.
Some of the examples are animations for ‘do yourself’ for various self services, product guide, etc. Multimedia animation related to fluid dynamics etc.
Why Choose Alpha Analytics for your Multimedia?
At Alpha Analytics we've been providing multimedia presentation design services for over seven years.
We work closely with you to produce a matchless script and content so that each multimedia page designed to impact on your chosen audience.
We storyboard your script, visually realizing your ideas for maximum audience appeal - a full range of multimedia presentation design services exploring whether you need video in your package, animation, audio FX or skilled programming effects. Our experienced team is fully equipped with technology and resources to produce desired effects from the audience.
Multimedia Presentation Design Services ensures maximum penetration with higher acceptance levels, when it comes to communicating your message. Professionally produced multimedia presentation on CD, DVD or via the internet excite your customers senses and engage them in an interactive experience as they are taken on a guided tour of your products and services.
Alpha Analytics provides Multimedia Outsourcing presentation design Solution Services and Offshore Multimedia Development Service from India Our clients often come to us with a vision of what they wish to build. As designers, programmers, researchers and storytellers, we bring functional form to your visions.

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