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Translation Services

Translation services are now required by majority of the market research firms that operate globally. Accurate translation is important for delivering the intended message in the true spirit in which it was originally created.
English is definitely a universal and widely accepted language across the globe. Market research needs demand that you speak the language of your respondent and then only will you be able to gain their trust. A respondent feels comfortable answering the survey in the local language spoken in that country with confidence. Local language confirms better understanding and appropriate answers by the respondent.
At Alpha Analytics we provide translation services with the help of our associate language experts.
The Translators possess expertise in :
Translating Questionnaires
Open ends verbatim responses
Documents and reports
The Translators are experienced in translation from English to Indian local languages (Hindi, Marathi, etc) and also English to popularly spoken European languages (German, French, Spanish and Italian).

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