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Web Design And Development

An application that is delivered using Internet technology Web applications are accessed by users through various means, but the primary method is the web browser. Many web applications can be accessed through mobile phones, and users with impaired vision can use screen-readers which interpret text as sounds. Web applications are stored on a server and delivered to users over the Internet. A Web application is usually a three-tier structure, comprising a User Service tier (allowing user access to the application), a Business Service tier (allowing the user to carry out complex activities) and a Data tier.
A Web application is a collection of logically connected Web pages managed as a single entity. A Website, on the other hand, may contain one or more Web applications that resulted from different contracts with the customer. Web Applications are web programs or real programs designed to be used on the website using a browser. Example of web application would be e-commerce website, web banking, stock exchange on the web, web games and many others.

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