The impact of this deadly virus and actions taken by governments are affecting businesses and industries across the globe. A new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) appeared suddenly and it spread extremely rapidly all over the world, causing huge changes very fast. COVID-19 has changed the way we live, work – and hire. Dealing with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic certainly poses some serious challenges. On the other hand, it (can) also has its upsides. HR professionals and recruiters who succeed in viewing this crisis as an opportunity will be those who will come out of it as winners.

While the coronavirus crisis is fatal for Shipping and delivery companies, Grocery stores and delivery services, Online learning companies, Remote meeting and communication companies, Childcare providers industries, it offers a sudden opportunity for certain other industries. Some companies are in need of additional workforce in order to support the growing need for their services.  Offices are closed and we are all working from home – remotely. HR professionals and recruiters who want to survive this crisis have to adapt – and they have to do it quickly. Hiring a large number of candidates in a short period completely remotely won’t be possible without specialized recruitment software. The challenges recruiters face while screening resumes: The high volume of resumes received – up to 88% of them are unqualified – greatly increases time to fill. Recruiters face increased pressure to show quality of hire but lack tools to link their resume screening to post-hire metrics.

For high volume recruitment, generally all candidates that meet the minimum qualifications move forward to the interview process. For low volume recruitment, generally only the top few candidates that meet both the minimum and preferred qualifications receive an interview.

If you’re a recruiter in a company that suddenly has to hire a lot of people, you’ll need some extra help. Leverage both people and tech power.

AI for resume screening can handle massive volumes of data. In fact, AI requires a lot of data in order to make accurate recommendations about which candidates to move forward to the next stage. This means AI screening software is most valuable for high volume recruitment such as retail sales or customer service roles.

The time you save screening resumes can be used in more valuable ways, whether it’s sourcing, engaging, or interviewing candidates to help determine how well they’ll fit in the job and company culture.

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