Empowering human brains to answer questions of the future, NOW!​

  • What we do differently for business growth ?​

  • What would be major business challenges 2-3 years from now?

  • What going to be biggest threat to mytop line or bottom line 4 quarters from now?​

  • Which products/markets do I need to focus now to grow better than industry standard in medium term?​

Data Engineer to Data Science with Decision Science & Decision support

Alpha Analytics Framework

  • Data Science Assessment

  • Data Science as Service

  • Data Science Roadmap

  • Data Science as Product

Data Science Assessment

1. Analyze your data.

Data Scientist deep dives into the data for analyzing whether your data supports your goals. We profile the data and evaluate how likely it is that the problems you’re facing are addressable by data science.

2. Qualifying the benefits of opportunities.

We assess the potential value in each data science opportunity we help you answer questions such as: Is campaign optimization the best choice for your first data science investment, or should you focus on targeting potential customers for new products first?

3. Prioritizing investment in data science.

We help you quantify the potential value and feasibility of your data science opportunities using baselines from your industry and our capabilities and past experience in other domains.

4. The Result/Action Plan

Our Data Science Opportunity Assessment allows your business to proceed with increased confidence. After completing the assessment, you will be equipped with:

  • a list of projects to pursue based on your data and business objectives;
  • an action plan that will accelerate and de-risk your ability to derihaanve value from your data;
  • the numbers to demonstrate the potential value of your investments to stakeholders; and
  • a roadmap of clear next steps.

Data Science Roadmap


Data is collected from different sources and integrated for further analysis.


Finding opportunities from integrated data set. It includes data cleansing, data preparation, data processing.


Giving personalized experience to customer preferences and offer them better.


Using different type of tools and dashboards, improve prediction capabilities and decision support.


We follow a management practice of sharing information, rewards and power with the employees so that they can take initiative and make decision to solve problem and improve the service and performance.

Roadmap of Data Organizing, Analysis, Responsive, proactive & Empowerment.

Proof Of Concept

Focus and prioritize objectives

We will conduct a brainstorming session in which objectives are defined and according to great significance objectives will b prioritized.

Understanding Business

Understanding business incentives and formulating the idea and narrow down them to set workable goals.

In every business especially in projects, where representatives from various departments are involved, everyone will have slightly different incentives and agendas. Smoothly aligning those in a project description is a key activity during the first step of your data science project. We will understand your every perspective and establish a definition for project.

Manage expectations on the success criteria

The definition of success varies from client to client depending upon type of problem, expected output and mainly human intelligence. This should be handled by making collaborative and educated discussions with the stakeholders about what success should look like.

Analyzing Data

After finalizing the definition for project data analysis takes place which involves inspection, cleansing, transforming +and modeling, which helps in discovering useful information and in decision support.


Once the dataset is ready which has been collected earlier, here our data scientist will extract relevant features from the data and create a augmented model. This model will give a clear understanding of further data optimization which will help in making better decisions.

Engagement of leaders and operations team

The intent is to apply the impact of the data science model and identify the potential benefits, hard and/or soft, to develop a hypothetical analysis. This analysis serves as the feeder for any executive decision-making on future direction, funding and commercialization.


Our data scientists will discuss to some extent what further optimizations could be conducted, how the algorithm performs and where it could have potential weaknesses.

Enabling such informed business decision is also one of the key deliverables of a PoC data science project.

Engagement of leaders and operations team

The intent is to apply the impact of the data science model and identify the potential benefits, hard and/or soft, to develop a hypothetical analysis. This analysis serves as the feeder for any executive decision-making on future direction, funding and commercialization.

Data preparation

Considering data availability and quality an intuitive work flow consisting of sequence of data preparation operations is formulated to address data related errors.

Data Science as Product

Definition of Scope & Planning. / Define Scope and Planning:

We understand your requirements, review your product or system architecture, blueprint the data pipeline and make platform recommendations. Our data science expertise will strategies your business and plan to achieve organizational objectives.

Solution Development:

We design customized solution based on your problem. And create long term value for your organization from customer, market and relationships. This leads to increase in your revenue, lowering cost, growth/expansion and making overall better decisions.

Testing and fine tuning:

After building the customized solution we test and fine tune the solution to bring the highest level of performance and effectiveness.

Hosting & deployment:

We provide direct access to our customize solution and also assists in vendor selection and set up third party infrastructure as service to fit your requirements.

Post implementation support:

Our collaborative efforts don’t stop after deployment; we offer a range of after implementing service to meet client expectations including customer support, technical support and consultant.