We walk with you building high performance analytics engine by Insights Acquisition, Analysis Distribution which would leads towards business decisions which would go viral within organization for maximum impact. Special emphasis is given to adoption which results into maximum ROI and lowest TCO.

framework data to consumer


Improve the decision making processes at all levels of management.

Let the D.A.D do the work for you. Connect a new BI service to your information management infrastructure, including enterprise data warehouses, data streams, cloud assets, data lakes, and many more.



Data is the main foundation of information, knowledge which ultimately provides insights for better decisions & strategies.

The ability to break down data and understand how things work enables businesses to build and manage applications on their own. Bringing in the right data at the right time becomes critical to reporting and analysis applications. EDM plays a vital role in meeting all the data managing requirements of the organization

Data Governance_ Enterprise Data Management

Data Visualization

Designed data graphics are usually the most powerful.

Decision makers require an understanding of how business rules affect data flow and what areas of data management are essential. This requires looking at how data can be used as a business asset by connecting the dots across various business units. Data visualization helps in absorbing information quickly. It makes data less confusing.

Process flow from Acquire to interact

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics deliver deeper data knowledge and granular data analysis.

We at Alpha analytics follow an approach of “Stop guessing & start knowing”. It involves techniques such as predictive analytics, statistical analysis, forecasting, text analysis, etc, which will enable you to unearth opportunities you would otherwise miss.”More than just reporting” is the mantra we follow at Alpha analytics.

Block diagram of prescriptive Analysis