Context aware

  • Live access to and analysis of twitter feed
  • As high as 1 million tweets processed at highest accuracy per day
  • Dynamic topic selection based on most trending keywords for you
  • Novel Bayesian and sentiment distribution models generated for every topic
  • Highly flexible and accounts for colloquial words and phrases with ~80K manually curated rules
comparison sentiment analysis software vs industry applicatons

Dynamic system to suit your needs

Thus, Climate change has a negativity bias, whereas the Dalai Lama has a positivity bias

  • Identification of hot topics in live data feeds

Top Conservatives

Our Offering

1.Analysis based on the twitter feed consisting of mostly recent archival (7 days) and current live data. Metrics can be divided into two categories:

  1. Twitter topic metrics.
  2. User metrics.
  1. Data beyond 7 days is available at cost. In case of long projects, we will be collecting live data throughout the project. We can discuss how long term data can be purchased

What more can we do with this?

  • Assess and gather users with similar conversation pattern
  • Gather context based preference of sentiment in conversations
  • Major keyword analysis for a cohort (n grams)
  • top influencer’s (using greater archived data from the Fire-hose)
  • In case any client specific reports are required

+ Client specific reports as required.