Alpha Analytics Introduction

Financial analytical team have some of the toughest challenges analyzing disparate data sets to help detect fraud, estimate portfolio risk, addressing regulatory requirements and doing so in a timely manner.In recent times, Data Science is changing the landscape regarding the way data is managed & consequently, the manner in which insights are drawn & consumed by different stakeholders.

Understanding the , automation of work and inculcation of analytical abilities are needed at each level for harnessing knowledge from the data. To make these possible, enterprises need frameworks and tools at various levels to fine tune their analytics.

Hence, it is imperative to empower functional individual of BFSI domains with tools so that they can utilize the right insights at the right time in the complete information value chain. With different pre-built, analytic workflows covering a variety of traditional banking and financial analysis, you’ll see how you can quickly combine real-time data sets or stored data sets -from the cloud, custom infrastructures, Excel, wherever -that have no unique identifying factor, and then easily move into value-add analysis.

Best of all, simply adapt each template via drag-and-drop tools and your own data to discover the exact insights you need right here, right now.

Revolutionize Analytics in HR

We are witnessing the revolution of businesses not only due to the explosion of data but also because of the necessity of making quicker, smarter & informed decisions. All business functions have changed the way they were functioning in past and have started using data to make their life better.

Traditional HR analytics has always been restricted to few employee metrics due to a variety of reasons such as improper data management, lack of awareness, size and many more.

However in the dynamic era, business often have questions such as how can we improve workforce productivity, to whom should we promote, whom should we hire or how can we optimize bottom line.
These questions can no longer be solved alone with HR data, it has to be blended with other operational data and then it becomes operational level questions & it becomes People analytics.

In order to apply successful People analytics in any organization, we have to democratize analytics; we have to make HR executives self-sufficient to perform basic to intermediate level of analytics without getting dependent on other functions.

This video will help you understand how can you revolutionize your HR department, empower your employees and start the journey of becoming more efficient and profitable.

Mr. Andy Kaslow, CHRO, Cerberus, which clearly says the importance & need of People analytics.
“Today, HR has a seat at the table, and in order to maintain that business partnership, you need to have an analytics framework.”

Webinar For Alteryx Macros

Alteryx Analytic Applications and Macros are important mediums to effect automation in the workflows developed.

What is Utility of Alteryx Analytic Applications and Macros?
Analytics Applications facilitate to publish the workflows on cloud through Alteryx Gallery with user interface built. It helps in easy consumption of analytics by a distributed audience.
Macros are created for standardising repetitive set of operations which has a wide application.

How they get created?
Interface tools in the Alteryx Designer provide the specific set of tools which help in transforming workflow into an analytics application or macro. Those give structure for building user interface with provisions for configurable parameters. This parameters are then put by users to get desired outputs.

The video illustrates basic configurations settings and the interdependencies to be taken care of while building analytics applications and three types of extensively used macros in Alteryx. It covers the brief introduction of Analytics applications and Macros in Alteryx and some use cases are also discussed.

Introduction to Alpha Analytics.

Alpha Analytics Services specializes in providing Market Research and Data Science support services that help you transform your data into decision-making tools.
We are working with some of the lead Indian businesses to help them set up analytics and Data science practices.