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When data recording is necessary?

Missing values, Cleaning and Validation, Computed variables

Which are the types of data errors?

constant raters, bad verbatims, speedsters, outliers, errors inn survey programming logic

Which are the input data file formats accepted?

Excel, ASCII, SPSS, SAS, CSV, Triple S, Databases connects.

How much standard delivery time to the output ?

Between 3 hours to 5 days depending on size, complexity of project and if partial data was available form set-up midway through the survey.

Why do tabulation projects get delayed ?

The major reasons for project delays are: 1. Field not completed in time, programming errors discovered 2. Data errors 3. Tab specs faulty 4. Open end coding takes more time 5. Delay in providing feedback to queries 6. Co-ordination delays between project managers and analysts/programmers/ coders

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Which time zones supported by Alpha Analytics ?

We support our clients in North America, Europe and Australia for almost full duration of their day. Dedicated teams are available if feasible and required.

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How much standard Costs for tabulation ?

Depends on length of interview, complexity of survey and analysis required. The typical costs could be from USD 300 onwards. The largest single survey costs have been USD 6000 and the average over the 4000+m survey shas been about USD 900.

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Which type of Surveys conducted ?

Market segmentation, product testing, Advertising testing, Satisfaction and Loyalty analysis, brand Awareness and Reach, pricing research - Adhocs and trackers

What are the inputs for tabulation?

Data in Excel, SPSS or CSV etc, Tabulation Specifications (Banners, books required and tab plan, special requirements, if any

Which tools are you using for tabulation/Data validation?

We use Quantum, SPSS, WinCross, Ruby, SPSS Dimensions and some custom specific proprietory tools for Data processing of market research data.

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Is there any limitation for number of columns in a single banner?

This depends upon the siivnificance levels required: 1. No significance requirted : Nom Limit on columns in table banner 2. Single level of significance: 52 banner points (+ Total) 3. Two levels of significance: 26 banner points (+ Total) However, we are able to provide much longer banner points through some internally developed applications.

How is tabulation for adhoc studies different from tracking studies?

The tracking studies conform to similar data format across waves, with each wave having max 20-30% variation. Once set up for a tracking study is completed, the new waves can be processed quite fast – our experience gas been within 1-4 days at most.

What is the Average time for completing medium complexity level studies?

About 3 days from receipt of full and final data. This can be cut down to upto as low as 4 hours, if we get partial data for table set-up and QA

What is the output formats for tabulation?

Word, PDF, Excel, Triple S

How are table outputs provided to clients

Normally, table outputs are delivered as email attachment or by through FTP. In case of Citrix access, they are created and stored in relevant folders on client infrastructure.

How does Alpha Analytics ensure data security, confidentiality, integrity and availability?

We are extremely careful about our SLA commitments. As one of few ISO 27001 compliant organisations, we ensure complete security and business continuity for our operations.

How will manage high priority lengthy work? What is Alpha’s capacity to take on additional work?

We work with our clients to provide support necessary as per SLAs required. Dedicated expert teams can be set up at short notice, required. Scale-up can happen as per SLAs.

Can you provide any testimonials for the studies you have done earlier?

Testimonials are available as applicable. Please contact us for details.

What type of visualization / reporting can Alpha provide?

We can provide descriptive as well as predictive dashboards in Excel and also partner with Tableau, Qlik and Power BI to provide interactive visualizations. Contact us for a trial project.

How can we contact you for a free pilot?

Free, no-commitment pilots are possible for prospective clients to evaluate our services, responsiveness and quality. We welcome any enquiries for the same. Please contact by phone, email or our website with relevant information.

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