Listing to data is extremely important and every business is doing it in some or the other fashion, what we bring on the table is experience and intuition. We use human brains with mathematics models to turn insights from information. Here is our Approach…


Our expertise extends to the entire range of AI technologies including Machine Learning, Natural language Processing, Speech Recognition. Alpha has capabilities to deliver exclusively powerful design solutions that can integrate with our clients business model and fuel their growth. We in Alpha strongly believes in delivering the best, to our customers so that they overcome their hurdles and maximize the clients, the ROI, by providing them the best solutions that will make their irrespective of the industry.

Why Us?

  • Automating the processes and task
  • Make quicker decisions with help of cognitive technologies
  • Insights to predict customer preference and offer them better.
  • Grow customer base.


Machine Learning

Machine learning is a collection of algorithms that can learn from its environment feedback and make predictions based on existing or historic data, optimize a given utility function under uncertainty, extract hidden structures from data and classify data into concise descriptions.

Machine Learning Process

→ In our machine learning process, first we identify and supervise the dataset that we want to work with, the data can be structured or unstructured.

→ Then the algorithm is trained to build models and which would then start predicting some results.

→ Once the predictions are there we do evaluations and based on the evaluations decisions can be proposed to the relevant internal or external stakeholders.


Deep Learning

Utilizes a hierarchical level of artificial neural networks to carry out the process of machine learning. Deep learning algorithms are trained to not just create patterns from all transactions but to also know when a pattern is signaling the need for a fraudulent investigation

Our Solutions

Intelligent Applications

Building Adaptive Intelligent Applications For CRM, SCM, Operations, Sales Marketing. To increase the data decision capabilities in every business unit. We expertise in extending a functionality with respect to the business model so as to fuel the growth of your organization.


An Ideal Platform for building computer programs that leverage artificial Intelligence to enable natural conversations with people, which will not only improve the customer experience but also overcome the existing challenges that a talkbot is facing

  • Interact 24*7 with customers
  • Ongoing Relationship Maintenance
  • Streamline Engagement Processes