At Alpha Analytics Services Pvt. Ltd. we currently offer a complete range of data analysis and statistical analysis services using SPSS Quantum and SPSS packages. The statistical support services we provide include :

  • Statistical analysis using SPSS Quantum and SPSS
  • Advanced statistical analysis


Linear Regression

Analysis for product positioning and branding, based on consumer rating or perceptions regarding various attributes. Also used to study gaps in product offerings for opportunity window.


Bi-variate, Partial and Distances method of Correlation are used to find degree of association between two sets of quantitative data.

Perceptual mapping using

Discriminant Analysis

Used for classification and prediction of attribute based perceptual mapping. Analysis along with mapping of variables and brands is done.

Cluster Analysis

We undertake this type of analysis basically for studying the Market Segmentation. For e.g. this could be a cluster of brands. Hierarchical, K-means cluster methods are used for this analysis.

Multi-Dimensional Scaling

Basically used for data reduction. Important for focusing on most effective variables amongst a number of variables. Naming these new variables is also done.


Analysis for designing product/service offerings. Both Choice based and Adaptive Conjoint are used.

Factor Analysis

A new concept which is being popular now-a-days which has combined features of Cluster Analysis and Factor analysis and gives better results than both.

Latent Class Analysis

This simple and useful technique can be used to predict one metric dependent variable based on a set of metric independent variables. We could use this in forecasting sales of product or the growth rate of any functional industry.

Statistical Analysis using Quantum /R Python:

Normally, our clients ask for data cleaning/editing and tabulation with basic t/z/f and chi-square statistic and a Quantum output for SPSS and/or in Word/Excel format. The SPSS statistical analysis mostly required includes ANOVA, linear regression, correlation and discriminant analysis.

We also provide advanced statistical analysis using other software packages. In addition to our full time professional staff, we have some highly experienced professional statisticians from esteemed statistical institutions as our Technical Advisers, who actively consult for industrial projects locally and abroad.

In summary, we offer to our clients reliable, timely and consistent quality analysis services and look forward to a long standing relationship with them. In case the volume or urgency justifies it, we would be ready to commit a dedicated team of professionals who will be trained in your methodology or tools and ensure quick turnarounds.