Alpha Analytics is a data science and analytics company focussed on the market research and enterprise data space. We work with client organisations and consulting companies to help create actionable insights, inferences and enable data based decisions.  The present clients span across North America, Europe, Middle East, Australia and APAC and the Indian region.

Our specialist teams work with both structured and unstructured data using various industry standard and proprietary tools to provide onsite and offsite support across multiple time zones from our delivery centers.  Dedicated teams working across time zones enable reliable, consistent quality, responsiveness to client project managers and timely delivery every time.

The domains we work in are

Market Research Analytics

  1. Survey Programming
  2. Tabulation
  3. Verbatim Coding,
  4. Visualization & reports.

Data Science / Analytics for enterprise data:

  1. Business Intelligence and data Visualization
  2. Robotic Process automation: Platform tools with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to handle high-volume, repeatable tasks that previously required humans to perform.
  3. Structured Data: Descriptive, predictive, prescriptive, spatial analytics
  4. Un Structured Data: Text Analytics, Audio/video Analytics.

Market Research

Alpha Analytics Services provides end to end market research services that help our clients transform their data into decision making tools. Our research and data analyst have exposure across various industry verticals for diverse range of projects.

Alpha analytics is an insights, market research operations, and data sciences company driven by intelligence, automation, and people. We work with some of the world’s largest market research firms, corporate market researchers and consulting companies to make confident decisions based on rich, real-time insights.

Our validated and constantly-refined market research solutions and processes provide our clients with actionable solutions r to push their businesses forward. We provide solutions for data processing through to analysis, reporting, visualization, interactive Tableau dashboards to reports to find and share compelling insights that inspire decision-makers to take action

The team has executed over 4000 AdHoc and Tracking studies over the years – many of them being multi-country, multi lingual projects. Conjoint and complex multi-media surveys are also possible. Presently, we collect over 12000-15000 completed surveys per month using our survey platform (AlphaSurveys) and working with various panel providers.

We strive to be a premier off-shore data analysis destination for the market research industry and leverage state of the art tools, systems and processes to ensure consistent and quality turnarounds and a very responsive service support for our clients.

Market Research Analytics 

  1. Survey Programming: Web, CATI and Mobile survey development using Confirmit, AlphaSurveys and SPSS Dimensions
  2. Tabulation, Data cleaning/validation and Conversion using Quantum, SPSS, Ruby and WinCross
  3. Statistical Data Analysis including Segmentation, Factor Analysis, Conjoint, Regression etc.
  4. Power Point and Excel presentations / Charting or Graphical presentation of Survey results
  5. Open-ends coding using Excel or Ascribe or other client platforms
  6. Viusalizations and interactive dash boards in Tableau/Qlik/PowerBI and Looker
  7. Sentiment analysis and text Analysis of qualitative survey data using AI/ML

Primary Data Collection:

  1. Qualitative In Depth Interviews and Focus Groups in India
  2. Transcription services for Depth Interviews and Focus Groups in English
  3. Quantitative primary data collection using F2F, CATI or Online studies

With successful record of executing complex multilingual, multi-country survey projects, we have developed Time–tested approach for Accelerated Development  and thought leadership solving business challenges of our clients, with our best practices, technology frameworks, and tools. This enables us to deliver analytics projects with 100% success rate at a faster time to market.

Data Science

We leverage various statistical techniques, technology platforms and proprietary analytics frameworks to provide solutions to the client business problem in a time bound with a cost effective, manner. A high-performance team structure helps accelerate the success of our relationship with our clients with skillsets ranging from data science, algorithms build, Statistics, AI, machine learning and technology. A client repeat rate of over 80% is an indication of business value to our clients and partners.

  • Transparent Engagement Model – Full Visibility to coding practice, resources, project status and activity life cycle
  • Communication Management – Clearly defined responsibilities between teams for optimal coordination. Team meetings at required frequency to create visibility to underlying problems and manage the issues/risks in a timely manner
  • Effective Reporting – Detailed activity level project status tracking. Communication with the client through calls/web meetings
  • Metrics Management – Detailed activity-level project status tracking and bi-weekly metrics reporting to ensure issues are identified before they occur or as they occur
  • Defined escalation process – jointly defined escalation process that ensures quick corrective actions

Alpha Analytics build a formidable team that enables each customer to achieve their business objectives with given constraints of timelines, commercials, technology to ensure that we find out a right solution without having to marry our clients to choice of our own technology. Since not all the constraints and assumptions could be completely defined in the preposition stage we use the information and requirements we discover during project lifecycle management to swiftly assembled team or used internal resources to complete the projects within the timelines and stipulated budgets without comprising on deliverables or quality of our output.

What we do?

Work flow programming_AI/MI/Statistics_Enterprise Data

 How you benefit through our association? Eight fold advantages to our clients

  • An effective backend analytics office in India for your worldwide operations with assurance on data security and confidentiality.

  • Average cost savings of over 35-40% over other providers.

  • High quality and quick turn-around with an 18 -20 hour work cycle across time zones.

  • Capacity augmentation at your end with low risks and costs.

  • Consistent, reliable project turnaround as per your / client standards with dedicated project teams.

  • Our 80% repeat business speaks for the quality and timely, reliable, satisfactory services provided to our esteemed clients worldwide. About 40% of our work is in the Pharmaceutical sector.

  • Multi lingual projects in over 20 languages ( English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese , Japanese, Arabic etc )

  • Provide Qualitative In Depth Interviews and FGDs in India, Transcription services for English in Depth Interviews and FGDs