Qualitative Researchers – Get your life back!

Need to analyse the content of tens or hundreds of Qualitative in depth interviews with no time left for presentation? – sounds familiar? I am sure every Qualitative market researcher has this problem at least few times a month.

Introducing TextifyPro  – now you can analyse,  summarise and visualise your textual content even before you start reading it. A Microsoft Azure  cloud application based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and natural Language Processing, TextifyPRO enables the researcher in the discovery process and makes a comprehensive, insightful report and analysis so much easier

You can make the analysis so much richer and enjoyable now…you can spend most of the time analysing and building insights!

Every experienced qualitative market researcher enjoys talking to people, finding solutions to existing problems and getting various views, opinions and feedback from a wide multitude of people. But it is when the field research ends that the real grind starts. After transcribing the tens and hundreds of interviews you now need to sit down and analyse the interview responses. Many of the interviews might have been done by your colleagues and you may not have personal experience of having talk to the respondents.

You have a discussion guide and then you start reading the transcripts one by one, definitely it is not necessary that each transcript has followed the same sequence of questions. Also there are lot of new concepts / new insights being thrown up and as you try to develop a framework for analysis t gets more and more complex. You need to go back and forth between various respondent transcripts to have an overall picture. This is usually the most tiresome part is of the qualitative research analysis; yet this is what would decide the outcome final outcome and the quality of your report.

You wish there was a way to have a clear and comprehensive framework to start with. TextifyPRO seeks to achieve this goal. We analyse the text data through AI, machine learning and NLP. All the contents of the entire corpus of transcripts for qualitative research are analysed in this Query- Answer system which can also identify various concepts, themes and entities within the corpus, the relationships between those entities and also enable sentiment analysis and summarization.

TextifyPRO aims to confirm to the researcher a totally unbiased view of what the respondents say – it may confirm to him what he already knows and to also tell him what he doesn’t know from the text corpus. It uses AI, ML and text analytics to build a framework for analysis identify multiple important entities and concepts BEFORE starting the analysis. This dramatically brings down the overall time required for analysis and improves quality while at the same time ensuring that the researcher has not missed something important. Another advantage is the deep insights gained because of the ability to ask queries from the corpus about concepts which are not a part of the discussion guide and a result of topical discovery or an afterthought. You may find some of the insights difficult to achieve by conventional means working under the time pressure where everything was required yesterday.

The TextifyPRO application is now free to use for a limited period. Those interested may please register online and your account credentials will be sent to you.

The following describes the steps required for analysis using TextifyPRO:

  • Upload all transcripts on to TextifyPRO application. The application will take a few minutes to ingest the data.

  • Ask specific queries to get responses from the corpus with a similarity score or a similarity distance rating

  • You would need to edit the responses within the responses window because there could be repetitions within the corpus and ensure brevity and accuracy of language

  • You can now take a summary targeted to say 500 / 1000 / 2000 words or less. (default is 1000)

  • You can also have a word cloud of most important entities is within the response to the questions asked and beautiful graphical visualization for the same as well.

  • You can store these responses and also ask the additional / remaining questions you need to query the database. All response summaries and clouds will be saved to your project.

  • The TextifyPRO system has a capability to help you identify most important concepts on entities within the corpus how they are related to each other and their frequency

  • The sentiment analysis module of the TextifyPRO scores the sentiment as positive, negative or neutral. You can score the corpus responses for different concepts or brands or various entities of interest.

  • The system will also enable you to draw to draw visualizations / word clouds for positive and negative sentiments associated with these subject entities within the response corpus.

  • The attempt here is to understand the corpus by use of machine learning and text analytics and AI. The researcher can build a framework and spend more of his time doing more creative analysis for new and deeper insights into the research.

If you are interested to know more about TextifyPRO, do write to us for more information. You can also avail of a free trial and you can test out the concept yourself. I am sure it will save you a lot of time (and some hair!)