Analyze, Visualize, Summarize  your text matter …in minutes!!

If you had 500 + page textual data (and no time) would you like to:

  1. Find answers to your specific query
  2. Text Summary (say 1000, 2000, 3000…words!)
  3. Identify major concepts and their relationships
  4. Sentiment for specific interest topics

In less than 20 minutes??

Discover content BEFORE reading it!!

textifypro blogs

                                                                                                                                    TextifyPRO is a highly scalable cloud application addressing the universal need to analyse large text data. It is machine learning solution which provides insights into the large text datasets BEFORE manual process of reading and analysis. This increases comprehension and enables deeper and comprehensive analysis.

Value Proposition:

  • Analyze, Visualize, Summarize your text matter

  • Customized summarisation and context identification / sentiment scoring engine

  • Discover / explore your text content BEFORE reading it!!

All in less than 20 minutes!!

Key differentiating factor

  • Present manual methods are very laborious, expertise dependent and inefficient.
  • Actionable insights with high quality, zero bias in minutes.

Value it shall create for the customer in comparison existing players /products

  • Large savings in time, cost, manpower
  • Prior knowledge about the text content will enable complete, focussed analysis

Analysis of large text datasets needs large time and concentration; yet several important aspects remain unidentified. TextifyPRO creates a query-answer system which scores responses, summarises text, identifies major concepts and their relationships — ALL at a touch of a button.

This speed up analysis, improves quality, removes bias and enables sentiment analysis of various concepts/entities within the text corpus… All in less than 20 minutes!!!

Who are our customers?

TextifyPRO address the text analytics and summarization needs of individuals and corporations enabling dramatics productivity increase and very significantly reducing cost and time for analysis of large volume text data.

Initial user response has been very high in the following areas;

  1. Qualitative Research – Analysis and summarization of survey reports, interview transcripts and Focus Group Discussions
  2. Academia – Analysis of research articles, topical research reports
  3. Business documentation – Insights and concept discovery from sales / service reports, topical articles, industry studies, sectoral analysis.

The product is offered free for trial usage. Users can later move to SaaS on a monthly / annual subscription model after the initial free trial offer.

Many users are also interested in on premise implementations and embedding the product APIs into their enterprise products.

Infinitely scalable cloud based implementation with advanced optimised algorithms enable lightning speed response to client queries once the text data is ingested and pre-processed within the system.